The 2015 Airbnb brief required the entrant to spread the feeling of belonging to a new audience. I looked into literal meanings of feeling and explored nerve receptors and touch, leading to the nervous system, which lead to the body’s pulse and how it is all connected in one body. I realised the world is reflective of our own bodies - it is one big communicating system. Like us, the world has one pulse that is ever-beating, we tap into it daily by communicating with other and sending stories across the globe. Our pulse is ever-present within us and experiences every life story we have, it is the ultimate recording of our life. Again, this is seen in our world that is constantly buzzing and alive. We are all tapped into this one pulse that is constantly moving around the world, meaning we can share with whoever, be anywhere and go anywhere we want; we can belong anywhere in the world.

To make this idea applicable to the modern world, I created an app that can use your pulse to send stories to new members, along with a whole new interface, and an ambient advertising campaign to spread the concept across the world.


App Design

Sketchbook and development

Loading Screen Motion Graphic