This project was used for my university minor project. The brief was written by myself; I discovered that there are very low literacy rates in West Africa and many people are unaware of the current Ebola crisis around them as they cannot read the billboards and advertisements about it. I created a pack that could protect them from the disease, including gloves, masks and other useful items, as well as creating the Fight Ebola campaign.

The campaign logo is developed from a traditional West African adinkra symbol of protection and over time aims to be nameless - a symbol that the illiterate can use pictorially. The use of a cloth to wrap the contents in reflects the traditional use of Kente cloth in West Africa, used for head scarfs and garments. It can be worn as a form of spreading Ebola awareness and act as emotional protection. The colours of maroon and grey represent healing in this region and the pattern printed on it is created from elements of the logo itself.

The booklet I created includes guidelines of how to avoid contracting Ebola, as well as a timeline poster on the back to help citizens recognise the symptoms. I have used illustrations influenced by African cave paintings and Egyptian heiroglyphics to tell the story.